( Best ) IIFT Preparation 2022

IIFT Preparation 2022

What Is IIFT Exam ?

The IIFT entrance exam is just like any other MBA entrance exam but there are some unique aspect to it and that’s what needs to be considered while making a preparation plan. For eaxmple, the RC passages of IIFT are of different nature than that of CAT or XAT. Similarly, the quant questions of IIFT often turn out to be more difficult than CAT or XAT. So, you need exam specific preparation strategy to score well in the IIFT exam. To prepare for IIFT exam, one should devote about a six to nine months. IIFT 2022 exam is expected to be conducted in December-January so one can start preparing for it now.

How to prepare for IIFT Exam is a big question as IIFT exam preparation strategy needs revision on account of the changes in IIFT exam pattern which are brought every year. Accordingly, your IIFT Preparation 2022 should be focused on following key points:

  • When and How to prepare for IIFT
  • Which are the IIFT 2022 Preparation Books
  • What IIFT 2022 Study Material is available apart from the books
  • IIFT 2022 Preparation Tips by past IIFT Toppers
  • Preparation with IIFT Coaching or Self preparation-which is better
  • IIFT 2022 Preparation Online
  • Strategy – How to crack IIFT Exam with High score

IIFT Preparation 2022

IIFT Exam Highlights 2022

  • IIFT will be conducted online so make sure you manage your time accordingly.

  • There is no sectional time limit, but the total time duration i.e. 120 minutes is less than other MBA exams as you need to solve calculation-intensive 120 questions in this span.

  • IIFT exam has negative marking varying section-wise.

  • DI section is quite a calculation-oriented rather than quantitative aptitude section as compared to CAT.

  • There is a separate additional section for General Knowledge too where questions are based on business awareness too.

  • The number of questions in IIFT changes year-wise depending on the paper setting authorities.

  • The admission will be granted in any three campuses of IIFT located in Delhi, Kolkata, and Kakinada.

  • The exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) and is a national-level examination.

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IIFT Preparation 2022 Sectional Composition

As per the exam pattern, IIFT 2022 is supposed to consist of four sections which are Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation, and General Awareness. The number of questions and marking scheme may vary as it changes from year to year. The test will be conducted in an online mode. The number of sections in contrast to last year was changed from six to four. Before stepping into the IIFT 2022 preparation, it is necessary for you to go through the exam pattern of IIFT given below.

IIFT Exam Pattern 2022


No. of questions


Negative marking

Total marks






Quantitative Aptitude










General Knowledge








Now let us move on to the preparation part- “How to prepare for IIFT 2022?” Given below are some helpful preparation tips as recommended by experts and previous year’s toppers.

Preparation Strategy for IIFT

The paper can be split into three parts: concept-driven, practice-intensive and environment-sensitive.

    • Quantitative Ability & selected areas of Verbal ability are concept driven, which means that the questions depend heavily on core concepts. For example, a question featuring a term like “cyclic quadrilateral” is virtually impossible to attempt unless the corresponding concept is known. It is therefore suggested that you prepare the key concepts of Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry & Modern Math in the Quantitative Ability sections in a thorough manner.
    • To tackle the Verbal Ability section, one has to focus on improving one’s reading speed because the paper typically features 3-4 Reading comprehensions. Also, you should prepare the basics of grammar in order to solve sentence correction questions. Practice is required to solve usage-based questions like analogy, fill in the blanks etc. A good vocabulary proves to be an asset while solving different kinds of vocabulary questions that feature in the exam.
    • Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning are practice-intensive, practice-intensive, which means that familiarity respect to similar questions is a key determinant here. It is advisable to practice different Data Interpretation question types like pie charts, bar graphs, data tables, line charts & combinations thereof, for the DI section. For Logical Reasoning, you need to practice questions on arrangements, family trees, complex data situations etc for the LR section.
  • General Awareness is an environment-sensitive area and requires familiarity with both static and current components of the environment. For static GK one should focus on topics like history, geography, economics, political system etc. For current GK, you can refer to our GK junction section and use our various current affairs related sections.
  • While familiarity with previous test patterns and cut-offs helps, too much scrutiny of trend analysis may be digressing at times.
  • You need to evolve as a test taker on that day, approach it with an open mind and go with the flow!

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